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Corinna Bechko

Corinna Bechko is the co-writer of INVISIBLE REPUBLIC from Image comics. She has been writing comics since her horror graphic novel HEATHENTOWN was published by Image/Shadowline in 2009. Since then she has worked for numerous comics publishers including Marvel, DC, Boom!, and Dark Horse on titles such as PLANET OF THE APES, STAR WARS: LEGACY, SAVAGE HULK, and ONCE UPON A TIME. Her background is in zoology. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and a small menagerie.

Latest Digital Releases

Invisible Republic #1

March 18, 2015

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Breaking Bad meets Blade Runner. Arthur McBride's planetary regime has fallen. His story is over. That is until reporter Croger Babb discovers the journal of Arthur's cousin, Maia. Inside is the violent, audacious hidden history of the legendary freedom fighter. Erased from the official record, Maia alone knows how dangerous her cousin really is... Creative team GABRIEL HARDMAN (KINSKI, "Intense" - A.V. Club) and CORINNA BECHKO (HEATHENTOWN, "Nuanced" – Broken Frontier) brought you scifi adventure before (Planet of the Apes, Star Wars: Legacy, Hulk) but never this gritty or this epic.

CBLDF Liberty Annual 2013

October 2, 2013

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CBLDF LIBERTY ANNUAL returns with Dark Horse editor-in-chief
SCOTT ALLIE pulling together an all-star roster of writers and artists to battle censorship with 48 PAGES OF ALL-NEW stories! Tim Seeley brings
Hack/Slash back for what might be the most bizarre tale in the series, and legendary creator Richard Corben tells the story of an underground cartoonist bringing back his most famous (and well-endowed) hero.

Everyone has a story to tell, but what happens when a story gets taken away from its creator? LIBERTY ANNUAL 2013 looks at the creative costs of censorship, either through the sort of outside interference the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has fought for 27 years, or through more private forms. The Hoax Hunters battle a cable news program for the life of sasquatch, a young punk rock journalist examines Pussy Riot, and Masks and Mobsters writer Josh Williamson answers the question, “What If Wertham Were Right?”

All proceeds from this book benefit the important First Amendment work of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, who’ve been fighting censorship in comics for over 25 years!

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