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July 18, 2013

​Signings and panels continue during the day, Eisner Awards at night

After a jam-packed Thursday, Image Comics will be continuing the party at Comic-Con International on Friday. Booth #2729 is Image Central during the convention, with a signing schedule featuring some of Image’s top talent, convention variants and exclusives, and Image merchandise (such as the NOWHERE MEN and SAGA Lying Cat T-shirts featured on io9).

Away from the booth is the not-to-be missed Image science fiction panel at noon, with the creators of some of Image’s hottest titles, including EAST OF WEST’s Nick Dragotta. On Friday night is the ceremony for the Eisner Awards, for which Image Comics titles receive 18 nominations.

A full signing schedule, list of variants and exclusives, and panel schedulecan be found on the Image Comics website. Members of the media who wish to schedule interviews with Image talent at the show should contact Jennifer de Guzman,


Rocket Ships, Laser Guns, and Dystopias, Friday, 7/19/13, 12:00p.m. - 1:00p.m., Room: 23ABC
Science fiction runs the gamut from splashy space opera to dusty dystopias, and Image Comics has been on the forefront of releasing the newest and most exciting visions of the future in the market. Join some of Image’s finest futurists to hear about how they develop worlds and technology in comics like East of West, Great Pacific, Rocket Girl, Think Tank, Change, and Hell Yeah. Moderator: David Brothers Panelists: Nick Dragotta, Joe Harris, Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare, Ales Kot, Matt Hawkins, and Joe Keatinge

Signing Schedule

10:00-12:00Erik Larsen (SAVAGE DRAGON)
10:00-12:00John Layman and Rob Guillory (CHEW)
10:00-12:00Kurtis J. Wiebe (PETER PANZERFAUST, GREEN WAKE)
10:00-12:00Ken Kristensen and MK Perker (TODD, THE UGLIEST KID ON EARTH)
10:00-12:00James Asmus (THE END TIMES WITH BRAM AND BEN)
10:00-12:00Landry Walker (DANGER CLUB)
12:00-1:00Todd Nauck and Gabe Eltaeb (INVINCIBLE UNIVERSE)
12:00-1:00Rob Liefeld (BLOODSTRIKE)
12:00-1:00Mark Sable (GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES)
12:00-2:00Ed Brubaker (FATALE)
12:00-2:00Ed Brisson and Johnnie Christmas (SHELTERED)
1:00-2:00Steven T. Seagle and Teddy Kristiansen (THE RE[A]D DIARY)
1:00-3:00Nick Pitarra (THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS)
1:30-3:00Nick Dragotta (EAST OF WEST)
2:00-3:00Joe Casey (SEX, THE BOUNCE) and David Messina (THE BOUNCE)
2:00-3:00Rick Remender and Wesley Craig (DEADLY CLASS)
2:00-3:00Joshua Williamson (GHOSTED, MASKS AND MOBSTERS)
2:00-3:00Lee Zlotoff and Tony Lee (MACGYVER)
2:00-3:00Jim Zub and Edwin Huang (SKULLKICKERS)
3:00-4:00Daniel Corey (MORIARTY)
3:00-4:00Bryan J.L. Glass (MICE TEMPLAR)
3:00-5:00John Layman and Rob Guillory (CHEW)
3:00-5:00Erik Larsen (SAVAGE DRAGON)
3:00-5:00Jimmie Robinson (FIVE WEAPONS, BOMB QUEEN)
3:00-5:00Joshua Luna (WHISPERS)
4:00-5:00David Schulner, Aaron Ginsburg, and Wade McIntyre (THIEF OF THIEVES)
4:00-5:00Abhishek Singh (KRISHNA)
5:00-6:00Ed Brubaker (FATALE, VELVET)
5:00-6:00Joe Keatinge (GLORY, HELL YEAH)
5:00-6:00Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare (HALLOWEEN EVE, ROCKET GIRL)
5:00-7:00Joe Harris and Martin Morazzo (GREAT PACIFIC)
5:00-7:00Ales Kot (CHANGE, ZERO)
6:00-7:00Sina Grace (NOT MY BAG) and S. Steven Struble (THE LI’L DEPRESSED BOY)
Top Cow
10:00-11:30Portfolio Reviews (Matt Hawkins)
1:00-2:00Tim Seeley (WITCHBLADE)
1:00-5:00Marc Silvestri
2:00-3:00Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal (THINK TANK)
2:00-3:30Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic (RAVINE)
5:00-7:00Rick Basaldua (THE DARKNESS)

After Hours

Eisner Awards Ceremony, 8 pm - 10:30 pm, Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront
Image Comics titles received 18 Eisner Award nominations this year, including six for FATALE by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, three for SAGA by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, and two for THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra.