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The i Word: The Rose City Comic Con Sessions, 1 of 2

Welcome to The i Word, the official podcast of Image Comics, hosted by David Brothers. In creator-owned comics, the creator is the real star, and the goal of the podcast is to not just talk comics with one creator at a time, but to give you a chance to see what influences them, too. This week, The i Word features audio from a panel David moderated at Rose City Comic Con 2016 in Portland, Oregon, named Image Comics: Comics In Your Image, on the subject of how popular comics today reflect the lives we lead. The panel features, in the order they're introduced, Leila del Duca, co-creator of Shutter, Brian Schirmer, co-creator of Black Jack Ketchum, Meredith McClaren, creator of Hinges, Jim Zub, co-creator of Wayward and Glitterbomb, and finally, Kurt Busiek and Benjamin Dewey, creators of The Autumnlands.

Image Comics: Comics In #YourImage: Kurt Busiek and Benjamin Dewey create THE AUTUMNLANDS. Brian Schirmer co-creates BLACK JACK KETCHUM. Jim Zub writes GLITTERBOMB and WAYWARD. Meredith McClaren masterminds HINGES. Leila del Duca co-creates SHUTTER. We can create the comics industry we want to see by checking out the books that are out-there, fascinating, or just plain ol' emotionally resonant. What's the next big thing in comics? Whatever you want it to be.

You can view the podcast on Libsyn, download the mp3 directly here, or subscribe to it on the iTunes store. If you enjoy the show, feel free to tell your friends or give us a review on iTunes!