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Prophet: What Is It, Really? [Close Read]

October 23, 2015

Prophet: What Is It, Really? [Close Read]

PROPHET is about a soldier waking up after a long time on a world he doesn't recognize. But he has his wits and his blade, so he takes up arms and goes in search of his long-lost compatriots.

PROPHET is about what the universe will look like thousands upon thousands of years after we are all dead and gone, and the way our choices and actions ripple into the future. The super-team Youngblood, for example, ends up having a tremendous effect on the future. Certain characters survive into the far-flung setting, while others find themselves transformed and pushed into new and unexpected shapes.

PROPHET is about the effects of war on a person, a people, a culture, and a world. Men and women are ground into dust under the weight of the war machines they pilot, and sacrificed at the whim of their superiors. Entire worlds are collateral damage, the people that live on them being considered less important than the goals of the armies at war.

PROPHET is about loneliness, and the way that we sometimes choose ourselves over others, simply because it's too hard and too painful to be part of a group. Isolation can help, but with isolation comes distance, and with distance comes more pain. How do you remember how to relate to people like you? Can you?

PROPHET is about incredible artists drawing incredible things. Everyone involved with the series—from Graham to Roy to Milonogiannis and beyond—will knock your socks clean off with their diverse art styles and choices of subject matter. If you want a showcase for some of the best and brightest talents around, you want PROPHET.

An excerpt from PROPHET, VOL. 1: REMISSION, featuring art by Simon Roy, colors by Richard Ballermann, and story by Simon Roy & Brandon Graham:

PROPHET is available in four collected editions. PROPHET: EARTH WAR #1, the beginning of the finale of the story, arrives in January.