Steve Epting

Steve Epting is primarily a penciler that has worked on major Marvel series The Avengers, X-Men, X-Factor, Fantastic Four, DC's Aquaman, and Superman, but is perhaps best known for re-inventing Captain America along with writer Ed Brubaker. Epting rejoins Brubaker for Velvet, debuting in October 2013 for Image Comics.

Latest Releases

Velvet #4

March 5, 2014

At the Masquerade everyone hides their true face, especially the double-agent that Velvet needs to get to if she has any hope of clearing her name.

Don't miss this hot new super-spy series from the best-selling creators of the Captain America: The Winter Soldier saga!

Velvet #3

January 15, 2014

You all know the story: a beautiful woman seduced by a secret agent into revealing secrets and helping him on his mission...but what happens to them once the agent is gone? Find out in issue three, as Velvet tracks Agent X-14's most recent asset down very dark paths.

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