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John Layman

John Layman

John Layman is the creator, writer and letterer of Chew, the New York Times best-selling, Harvey Award and multi-Eisner Award winning cannibal cop comedy series from Image Comics. Layman was an editor for WildStorm Production and has written or lettered for every major publisher in comics for the last decade and a half. He’s written Cyclops, Detective Comics, Mars Attacks, Godzilla, Aliens, Thundercats, Gambit, Scarface, Red Sonja, Marvel Zombies Vs. Army of Darkness, House of M: Fantastic Four, the Marvel Identity Wars Annuals, Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen… and a whole lotta other stuff. He's currently the writer of Leviathan with artist Nick Pitarra and Outer Darkness with artist Afu Chan, both published by Image Comics.

Latest Releases

Chu #10 Chu #10 Dec 1, 2021
Chu #9 Chu #9 Oct 27, 2021
Chu #8 Chu #8 Sep 22, 2021
Chu #7 Chu #7 Aug 25, 2021
Chu #6 Chu #6 Jul 21, 2021
Chu #5 Chu #5 Nov 25, 2020

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