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Welcome to the NEW

Posted on July 2, 2013 by Ron Richards

I’d like to be the first to welcome to you the new home of Image Comics on the Internet.  Unveiled today at IMAGE EXPO, the new is your place to find all the information about the world of Image Comics.

From The Walking Dead to Spawn to Saga to East of West and so much more, Image Comics is the place for the best creator owned comics in the universe, so to go along with, we think we’ve created the best spot on the web to celebrate creator owned comics.

On the new site, you’ll be able to find:

  • Pages for your favorite comics series with complete archives of released comics
  • Easy to find buttons to go buy Image Comics, or find a local comics retailer near you
  • The latest news, updates and information about Image Comics and our fabulous creators

And best of all..

  • Digital Comics! Now you’ll be able to directly purchase your favorite digital comics in a wide variety of formats for use on your computer, tablet or mobile device

Now, we’ve just launched the site, so there’s bound to be some bugs here and there, and we’re working to load our complete library of comics to the Digital Comics store, so please be patient with us.  We’ve got the most recent releases as well as many of your favorite series available and we’ll be adding more everyday, so be sure to keep coming back.

Thanks for checking out the NEW Image Comics website and we look forward to continuing to bring you the best comics from the most talented creators!  Now why don’t you get started with the exclusive digital release of Warren Ellis and Jason Howard’s SCATTERLANDS, collected together for the first time ever!




codex24 — 7/2/13 @ 2:16pm

Damn straight, it’s about time. Thank you for trusting your users enough to be free of the network leash. Ever try to read e-comix on a plane?

TorstenAdair — 7/2/13 @ 3:23pm

Looks great, and the DRM-free announcement is BIG news.

I do like the new website, but one suggestion:
EANs for your books.
It’s an industry standard, and it’s one more datapoint search engines can link to. 

(It also makes it easier for booksellers and librarians to find.)

Speaking of librarians, you might want to either create a website for librarians (like your friends over at Boom did a few years ago), or at least offer resources right on the product page (reviews, MARC records, age ranges, reading levels).  Common Core is a big buzzword in education this year, and wouldn’t it be cool if teachers used your books in the classroom?!

I know it’s a work in progress, and Image continues to innovate, so I’ll just wait and see.

buufusreborn — 7/2/13 @ 5:01pm

Thank you for doing right by your fans and the industry and having the courage to be a trendsetter. The move to digital drm-free content is phenomenal and your commitment to creators is incredible.

klassobanieras — 7/2/13 @ 11:32pm

Thank you for trusting your customers, you just got a new one.

ken1989 — 7/3/13 @ 1:12am

Thank you. I hope to see your complet catalogue in digital drm free.

Best thing of all it would be the possibility to synch our purchased comic from comixology with the new image site and download them without drm.

cristane — 7/3/13 @ 7:12am

Glad to read about the DRM-free comics. But how about mobile? Any app to download them? Or at least a mobile-friendly website?

dayquipper — 7/3/13 @ 4:12pm

I don’t pay for digital comics with DRM so I’m severely limited as to what I can read - unless I want to buy physical copies, which are taking up a lot of space. And I find it hard to discover older content unless I want to take a chance on buying a whole trade.

I know I’m far from alone.

So thank you so much for your choice to offer DRM-free digital purchases. In particular, the ability to “Come back any time to download any item you’ve purchased, in any format available”.

This makes perfect sense to those who want to buy digital content, and it demonstrates a trust toward your large community of readers. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this, and I’m certain others do, too.

I’ve just created an account on the site and I’m going to buy the first issue of Satellite Sam digitally as soon as I’ve posted this comment. I’ll then follow the site updates closely so I can buy back issues of the many series I’ve been recommended over the past few years once they’re available.

Thank you for joining the growing number of comic publishers offering DRM-free content and, because of your high profile, taking a strong leadership position for others to follow.


notamonopoly — 7/3/13 @ 6:09pm

After reading about your new DRM-Free/direct sale approach I immediately created an account and purchased a book.

I purchased a few comics from Comixology in the past and hated the experience so much that I turned to piracy because it was easier and I didn’t have to be online to read them. Now I have no reason to pirate comics, or at least Image comics.

Looking forward to being able to purchase older issues eventually.


user941 — 7/4/13 @ 2:12am

The DRM-free digital comics option is definitely a huge attraction. I do think the pricing should change, though, don’t see why Digital comics cost the same as their physical counterparts when the cost is about half to produce. Once pricing will be more reasonable, I would happily start using this option regularly.

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