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Posted on January 20, 2014 by Kat Salazar

INVINCIBLE #111 is the first issue of a bold new direction, a startling new era, and stories for a new generation from Robert Kirkman, the creator of THE WALKING DEAD empire and up-for-anything artist Ryan Ottley. Suddenly infused with more gore and terror than a zombie apocalypse, INVINCIBLE takes a turn down the dark path of horror when Invincible is betrayed by one of his own. 
“If The Walking Dead is the zombie movie that never ends, Invincible is the superhero movie that never ends. Like The Walking Dead, it takes a well-worn genre and puts a new spin on it, raising the stakes and treating things a little more seriously than they otherwise are,” said Kirkman. “With these new issues, starting with 111, we’re really going to be ramping up those elements of the series to their highest peak. I don’t think people are prepared for all the lines we’re going to cross... and not look back. This really is an exciting time to be an Invinciblefan.”
INVINCIBLE #111 packs the punch of three #1 issues combined and is the perfect jumping on point for new readers, that will blow the minds of long-time Invincible fans.  
INVINCIBLE #111 arrives in stores on 4/16 and will be available for $2.99.
INVINCIBLE #111 can be pre-ordered using Diamond Code FEB140476.


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