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The Power and the GLORY

The Power and the GLORY

Posted on March 26, 2014 by Jennifer de Guzman

A female superhero for a new age in a deluxe hardcover edition

Glory is a force of the supernatural — half Amazon, half demon, she wields fearsome power in the service of what she hopes is right. After her heroics in World War II, she became a symbol of hope and justice, inspiring old and young around the world. And then she disappeared.

The April hardcover graphic novel from Image Comics GLORY: The Complete Saga by Joe Keatinge (HELL YEAH, SHUTTER, Morbius: The Living Vampire) and Ross Campbell (Wet Moon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) tells the complete story of a young woman’s quest to find Glory and bring her back into a world that needs her. But what Riley doesn’t anticipate is that the global conspiracy that has kept Glory hidden for decades could make Glory’s re-emergence more dangerous than anything else the world has known.

Widely praised for being grounded in relationships even as the conflict stretches far beyond the realm of earthly reality and for Campbell’s revolutionary character design, GLORY presented a new and wholly fresh vision of the female superhero for the 21st century.

Created in 1995 by one of the Image Comics founders, Rob Liefeld, GLORY received a contemporary reimagining in 2012 with a new comic book series that ran for twelve issues. Those issues are now being collected into GLORY: The Complete Saga, a 352-page hardcover tome due in comic book stores on April 23 and bookstores on May 6. The deluxe oversized edition includes never-before-seen sketches, scripts, commentary, interviews, and a stunning wraparound cover with art by Campbell.

A necessity in any forward-looking superhero fan’s collection, GLORY: The Complete Saga is available for pre-order now.

GLORY: The Complete Saga by Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell
ISBN 978-1-60706-960-7
352 pages, full color, hardbound
Collects GLORY #23-34
In comic book stores April 23, bookstores May 6

Praise for GLORY:

“Keatinge and Campbell beautifully craft a compelling reintroduction to the character of Glory, seen through the eyes of Riley Barnes. When Riley finds Glory hiding and healing from injuries… she soon discovers that she may be destined not to save Glory, but to save the world from the uncontrollable anger of a woman created to be a weapon to end a war by beings far more powerful than anything on Earth by destroying both sides. Campbell's art is stunning, creating a female hero who is physically intimidating in a way never seen in superhero comics and creating worlds both familiar and fantastically bizarre, and characters ranging from friendly old French bartenders to armies of individually distinct demon-like creatures from another world. Keatinge's story gives instant depth to its complex characters and excels at slowly presenting a more and more complex narrative spanning thousands of years and several worlds and cultures.” 
–Publishers Weekly

“Some of the most innovative and ballsy work comics has seen for a long time. This is a re-launch, people.”
–Kelly Thompson, Comic Book Resources

“What [Keatinge and Campbell] do in this book, and more importantly the way they do it, feels like something bold and new and different…. It feels like what’s next.”
–Chris Sims, Comics Alliance


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