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The i Word: The Rose City Comic Con Sessions, 2 of 2 [Podcast]

The i Word: The Rose City Comic Con Sessions, 2 of 2 [Podcast]

Posted on October 25, 2016 by David Brothers

Image Comics: Tomorrow's Comics Today!
The future of comics is bright, and that future will include comics of all types. Join Joshua Williamson (NAILBITER, BIRTHRIGHT), Joe Keatinge (SHUTTER, RINGSIDE), Nicola Scott & Greg Rucka (BLACK MAGICK), Steve Lieber (THE FIX), and Jason McNamara (THE RATTLER) as they discuss branching out, telling new stories, and connecting with fans on a new level.

You can view the podcast on Libsyn, download the mp3 directly here, or subscribe to it on the iTunes store. If you enjoy the show, feel free to tell your friends or give us a review on iTunes!


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