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The i Word: Kurtis Wiebe on Rat Queens & Livestreaming [Podcast]

The i Word: Kurtis Wiebe on Rat Queens & Livestreaming [Podcast]

Posted on March 22, 2016 by David Brothers

RAT QUEENS is perhaps best described as "What if modern college girls were transplanted to a medieval fantasy setting?" The titular Rat Queens are hard-drinking and harder-fighting, and as the series goes on, the RAT QUEENS creative team—including Tess Fowler and and Tamra Bonvillain—are moving to increasingly emotional and dark depths.

When he's not working on comics, Wiebe helps run a channel where he livestreams Dungeons & Dragons games, among other things. You can find the channel here.

You can view the podcast on Libsyn, download the mp3 directly here, or subscribe to it on the iTunes store. If you enjoy the show, feel free to tell your friends or give us a review on iTunes!

RAT QUEENS is available in a series of collected editions and ongoing single issues.

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