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The i Word: Chris Burnham on Nameless & Hirohiko Araki [Podcast]

The i Word: Chris Burnham on Nameless & Hirohiko Araki [Podcast]

Posted on February 23, 2016 by David Brothers

NAMELESS is Chris Burnham & Grant Morrison's horror epic, featuring colors by Nathan Fairbairn and letters by Simon Bowland. A man finds himself forced to switch from stealing otherworldly baubles from supernatural creatures to attempting to save the world from a menace from beyond time, things quickly get horrific. Once we discuss the unbearable horror of being, Burnham dives into his love of Hirohiko Araki's shonen adventure comic Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and the absurd logic that holds it all together.


You can view the podcast on Libsyn, download the mp3 directly here, or subscribe to it on the iTunes store.

NAMELESS is available in an upcoming deluxe hardcover releasing 3/16 and single issues.

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