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Posted on July 7, 2014 by Kat Salazar

Image Comics announces Expo will kick-off San Diego Comic-Con festivities

For the first time ever, the highly-anticipated Image Expo, a showcase for one of the biggest publishers in the industry, will go on location this summer in San Diego, Wednesday July 23, preceding San Diego Comic Con International. Image Expo will commence at 2 p.m. PDT at the Hilton Bayfront. Image Comics will be inviting members of the press and comics retailers to attend with complimentary passes to the event.

A limited number of complimentary tickets will be available for fans who are attending the San Diego Comic-Con, as well. Details regarding ticket availability will be forthcoming, and announcements and updates can be found at 

This Image Expo will feature very special surprise guest creators and even more exciting Image Comics announcements, revealed exclusively to attendees at the event. 

“In the spirit of trying new things, we’re pleased to be partnering with CCI to bring Image Expo to San Diego this July,” said Eric Stephenson, Publisher at Image Comics. “We want to get our message out to as many members of the comics community—and connect with Image fans outside of our San Francisco Bay Area home—and felt that taking Expo on the road would be a fun way to do that.” 

Following Image Expo, fans will be urged to visit the Image Comics booth (#2729) during SDCC Preview Night for exclusive Image Expo releases and creator signings. In addition, further details on the announcements made at Image Expo will be revealed over the course of the weekend as part of Image Comics’ panel programming. 

This marks the third Image Expo hosted by Image Comics, and the first time it will be held outside of the Bay Area. Previously, Image Expo has been held at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco and featured over 20 industry-rocking, unprecedented announcements such as a five-year deal between Image Comics and Noir Masters Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips that will begin with the launch of the epic ongoing series THE FADE OUT on 8/20. 

Also announced at the previous Image Expo in January 2014:

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro announced the forthcoming campy, kick-ass adventure BITCH PLANET. 

Scott Snyder and Jock revealed the creepy, paranormal reimagining WYTCHES. 

Matt Fraction, Fábio Moon, and Gabriel Bá will come together to bring fan favorite CASANOVA back. 

Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham teased NAMELESS. 

Brandon Graham announced a science-fiction miniseries to be drawn by Xurxo Penalta, 8HOUSE: KIEM, an anything-goes science fiction tale in a new interconnected universe.

Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini promised another exciting high adventure science fiction series in LOW. 

Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson turned the audience’s collective stomachs (in a good way) when revealing the Hannibal Lector-esque serial killer series NAILBITER. 

Bill Willingham and Barry Kitson will bring the magic and gods of legend to life in RESTORATION. 

Joe Keatinge announced he would team up with Leila del Duca for the Indiana-Jones-style fantasy adventure in SHUTTER and then with Khary Randolph for the digital series TECH JACKET. 

Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie teased THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, a new series where gods are worshipped as the ultimate popstars. 

Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel, and Rod Reis teased C.O.W.L., a new Mad-Men-esque story about a superhero labor union. 

James Robinson and Greg Hinkle announced AIRBOY, where they would write themselves into the new series as a couple of comics creators who are on a mission to bring back a public domain series... but get distracted along the way.


Pghdp31 — 7/7/14 @ 8:27pm

Any helpful tips on obtaining tickets? i seem to miss out on twitter and Facebook giveaways due to work but huge Image/TWD fan. Any info is greatly appreciated, thanks everyone.

Varian321 — 7/7/14 @ 8:36pm

Agreed how can a comic-con attendee get a ticket to the event on the 23rd haven’t seen any news yet, so any advice would be appreciated smile

Kimbertron5000 — 7/10/14 @ 3:30pm

Just please come back ... I’m still not over WonderCon leaving :_: Don’t abandon the bay

lucydietrich — 7/14/14 @ 2:26pm

Looking/checking the website for tickets (for fans attending SDCC this year!)
The suspense is killing meeeeee.

KylieConnor — 7/11/16 @ 3:07am

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Magnus — 12/3/16 @ 10:36am

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Magnus — 12/7/16 @ 1:01pm

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