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How the West Was Won in Century West

How the West Was Won in Century West

Posted on July 31, 2013 by Jennifer de Guzman

Image Comics publishes first English language edition of graphic novel by Howard Chaykin

The American West is more than history; it’s myth: from wild frontier adventure to Tinseltown glitz, the West has fed America’s imagination, including that of legendary comics creator Howard Chaykin (SATELLITE SAM, AMERICAN FLAGG, BLACK KISS). CENTURY WEST, the new Image Comics graphic novel out in September, is his ode to the West and the origins of the modern world.

CENTURY WEST follows the life of Century, Texas, from sleepy settlement to twentieth-century boomtown, and three men on whom the change has a profound effect. The three men are all settlers from the east who establish themselves as Texas Rangers, becoming an indelible part of the story of the American West.

It’s a story that has always fascinated self-described “New York Jew” Chaykin.

“CENTURY WEST is one of the projects that’s been in my concept book since the early 1990s — a narrative demonstration of my conviction that the modern world began a lot earlier than any of us mid-20th-century types ever knew, and the movies were what made that modernity concrete, inviolable and inevitable,” he told Comics Alliance. “And of course, it’s got cowboys, Indians, airplanes and a Passover seder, for Christ sake. What more could you ask for?”

Chaykin has also spoken to Comic Book Resources about CENTURY WEST.

Originally created for Disney Italia, CENTURY WEST has been published in Spanish and English, and September’s Image Comics edition (ISBN 978-1-60706-788-7) is the first time the 64-page graphic novel will appear in English. It can be pre-ordered now from the July issue of Previews.


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