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GHOSTED Scares its Way to 4th Consecutive Sell-out

GHOSTED Scares its Way to 4th Consecutive Sell-out

Posted on October 17, 2013 by Jamie Parreno

Supernatural heist comic continues streak of sell-outs with fourth issue

Four sell-outs in a row is no easy feat, but Joshua Williamson and Goran Sudzuka have achieved it with the release of GHOSTED #4, the latest series from Robert Kirkman's Skybound imprint to sell out at the distributor level. Williamson and Sudzuka have crafted a supernatural heist comic that readers simply can't get enough of, and a quadruple sell-out is proof positive of that fact. GHOSTED #4 will be reprinted to meet demand.

The press are very impressed with GHOSTED, as well:

"Ghosted is a horror/caper story that goes beyond its concept to entertain, surprise, and humor you. I never know where it’s going next and that’s what I love about it so much."
Joshua Yehl, IGN

"Williamson continues to craft an intriguing series that is not afraid to take chances and Sudzuka’s art is so perfectly fitting to the book."
Jreemy Matcho, All-Comic

"Joshua Williamson continues to impress me with this series. It takes a steady hand to craft a horror story that not only feels original, but pays homage to what came before it and Ghosted pulls it off beautifully."
Jake Tanner, Following The Nerd

"Sudzuka’s art continues to do a wonderful job of capturing every dark and frightening corner and aspect of the mysterious Trask mansion, making even empty rooms feel as though they could incite fear and panic."
Matt LeMaire, The MacGuffin

The second printing of GHOSTED #4 can be pre-ordered now using Diamond Code SEP138114 and will be in stores on 11/20. GHOSTED #5, the last issue of this story arc, arrives in stores on 11/6 and can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code SEP130621.


Perfecatastrophe — 10/18/13 @ 9:46pm

I’m glad I was able to pick up this comic at Rose City Comic Con this year. Also while I was there I was able to meet the amazing writer, Joshua Williamson. Joshua, was probably one of the coolest comic writers I’ve ever met; the way he talked about his writing I could tell he was extremely passionate about it. His comic is probably the most unique and intriguing comic I have ever read. Ghosted defiantly has what it takes to become a image classic with all its mystery, excitement, lovable characters, hate-able characters, and yes - its humor. If you haven’t checked out Ghosted yet then you should defiantly fork over $2.99 to your local comic shop or Comixology account to get you a copy.

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