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Posted on April 15, 2013 by admin

Image Comics series is collected in first volume, “TRASHED”

the hit new Image Comics series GREAT PACIFIC, the privileged heir to
an oil fortune declares his independence from family and business
obligations in an extreme way - by founding the Republic of New Texas on
the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an island of trash in the South
Pacific. But Chas Worthington soon discovers that it’s one thing to take
land and another thing entirely to hold it.

the first volume of GREAT PACIFIC, writer Joe Harris and artist Martín
Morazzo create a treacherous land made of the cast-off trash of the
entire planet, populated with mutant seagulls, one very angry giant
octopus, a French explorer, pirates, and a group of islanders who got
there first - and none of them want to share.


excites me most about writing Great Pacific isn’t necessarily the
environmental message or the chance to pile up some soapboxes to preach a
cautionary tale. Rather, it’s the story of one man mostly alone on this
new, strange frontier that gets me going,” said creator and writer
Harris. “It’s a story about exploration, and survival, and persistence,
and triumph against all odds. The science fiction serves that arc, and
the greater environmental message, I’d hope, is enhanced as a result.”

Harris’s adventurous story is Morazzo’s bold, vibrant art, bringing to
life a land like the world has never seen before.


and drawing the garbage continent, with all its strange landscapes, is
something wonderful,” said said Morazzo. “From large views to small
details, ‘The Pack’ isn’t just a setting, but a main character in the


978-1-60706-733-7) encompasses a story arc that drew attention from
comics readers and those interested in ecological issues alike. Harris
and GREAT PACIFIC were profiled inComic Book Resources,Gamma Squad,Comics Alliance,Multiversity Comics, andDeep Sea News.


GREAT PACIFIC will be in stores on May 1 and its second volume will begin with issue #7, out on June 5.


“A terrifying, hard-to-believe-it’s-true premise and a fantastic, smart thrill-ride of sci-fi and high adventure. Don’t miss!” - John Layman (creator/writer of CHEW)


“Fascinating and enjoyable.” -CHUD


“A perfect science fiction story…” - Brigid Alverson,Robot 6


series deals with issues that we haven’t really seen in comics before
and that’s what makes it so interesting: we get real life problems
intertwined with a rather fascinating fictional story. The comic turns
out to be well written, organized clearly and overall just really,
really pretty.”

-Comic Vine


pacing is solid, plot twists come fast and furiously, and the the muted
color scheme keeps the visuals constantly engaging.”

-Bloody Disgusting


PACIFIC] is very well-realized and beautifully rendered. Harris and
Morazzo spend a lot of time and page space exploring the world and
potential consequences of Chas Worthington’s story by visiting a lot of
different locations and considering different thematic elements.”

-The Outhousers




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