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A VOICE IN THE DARK Has Spoken; Gritty, Suspense Debut Leaves Readers Wanting More

A VOICE IN THE DARK Has Spoken; Gritty, Suspense Debut Leaves Readers Wanting More

Posted on November 20, 2013 by Kat Salazar

First issue in new dark drama series makes impressive premiere

The success story of A VOICE IN THE DARK, a recent debut from Image Comics with writing and art by disabled comic book creator Larime Taylor, continues with an immediate sell-out at the distributor level. Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise, Rachel Rising) likened the story to “Strangers in Paradise meets Dexter.”

Detailing the story of serial killer Zoey as she embarks on her freshman year of college and tries to control her dark killing urges, A VOICE IN THE DARK is the first in the new ongoing series and took a more circuitous route to publication than most. “The idea was to fund a single issue as a submission package, to show that I can do the whole package and finish a project,” explained Taylor, when asked why he decided to use Kickstarter as a vehicle for the idea. “That’s exactly what I did, and why publishers were interested in it. I gave them a finished book instead of five pages of art and a synopsis. I wouldn’t be here if not for the backers of that Kickstarter.”

Taylor wrote, drew, toned, and lettered A VOICE IN THE DARK using his mouth and a Wacom Cintiq tablet donated to him by the Wacom company. “I draw on a tablet screen with the stylus in my mouth. I’ve been drawing with my mouth since I was four years old, but drawing digitally has really freed me,” said Taylor, who was born with Arthrogryposis, a birth defect which severely limits the use of his arms and legs. “Because I can zoom in and out, rotate images, move them around, I’m no longer restricted by the limited reach and range of my neck, or by the fact that I draw smoother lines horizontally than I do vertically.”

A VOICE IN THE DARK #1 has completely sold out at the distributor level, but may still be available in comic stores, and is currently available digitally on the Image Comics website ( and the official Image Comics iOS app, as well as on Comixology on the web (, iOS, and Android.

Image Comics is pleased to announce that this first issue will be going back to print to meet customer demand. The second printing of A VOICE IN THE DARK #1 (Diamond Code OCT138157) will release on 12/18. 

A VOICE IN THE DARK #2 releases 12/18 and is available for pre-order with Diamond Code OCT130632. 


eikon — 11/21/13 @ 12:46pm

Kudos to Taylor

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