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Posted on July 23, 2014

A new ongoing science-fiction series by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen

THE WICKED + THE DIVINE reveals variant by Stephanie Hans, early artwork

Posted on July 23, 2014

The third issue of the hit series takes a stroll on the dark side

Image Comics 50% Off Sale

Posted on July 22, 2014

We're celebrating San Diego Comic-Con International and Image Comics' bestsellers with a 50% off SALE!

Don’t despair—THE LI’L DEPRESSED BOY returns

Posted on July 21, 2014

The fan-favorite returns with an all-new story about the perils of life and love


Posted on July 21, 2014

The second printing of the first issue of Robert Kirkman’s hot new series sells out immediately, rushed to 3rd printing

Image Comics signing schedule at San Diego Comic-Con

Posted on July 18, 2014

Image Comics' SDCC 2014 features a packed schedule of popular creators

Image Comics exclusives available at San Diego Comic Con

Posted on July 17, 2014

A limited number of exclusives to be available at San Diego Comic-Con


Posted on July 17, 2014

An exclusive collector’s edition you won’t want to miss

Image Expo fan tickets available TOMORROW

Posted on July 17, 2014

Image Comics Expo will kick-off San Diego Comic-Con festivities, tickets available tomorrow to fans

THE WICKED + THE DIVINE captivates readers, flies off shelf

Posted on July 17, 2014

The second issue of the hit new series by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie slated for second printing

The Competition is Fierce in AMERICA’S GOT POWERS

Posted on July 15, 2014

Superpowered teens fight for their rights in September graphic novel

Image Comics Solicitations for October 2014

Posted on July 15, 2014

Image Comics is proud to present the comics releases for October, 2014

MASTERPLASTY—Ronald Wimberly calls it “a modern classic”

Posted on July 15, 2014

A missing boy returns to claim his BIRTHRIGHT

Posted on July 14, 2014

An all-new ongoing fantasy series filled with suspense and mystery

A superhero comedy you won’t want to miss in IMPERIAL

Posted on July 14, 2014

​The difficult choice one man must make when deciding to live a life of greatness

In NIGHTWORLD, horror and romance go hand-in-hand

Posted on July 14, 2014

Adam McGovern and Paolo Leandri’s all-new series artwork previewed

Image Comics San Diego Comic-Con Panels

Posted on July 14, 2014

Image Comics announces San Diego Comic Con panel line-up

Without this family we’re all GONERS

Posted on July 11, 2014

An all-new ongoing series filled with history, fantasy, and mystery

Dog, Skull, Fist, and Abe Lincoln return in PUNKS

Posted on July 11, 2014

The cult hit comedy series returns with all-new stories

Murder 22,000 Miles Above Earth in THE FUSE

Posted on July 10, 2014

Midway orbits 22,000 miles above the surface of Earth, a five-mile-long steel city that is home to half a million people. And within the hollow metal walls are “cablers” — Midway’s discarded and derelict. Two of them turn up murdered in front of Midway’s city hall, and Detective Ralph Dietrich arrives just in time to take the confounding case — and to meet his partner, veteran detective Klementina Ristovych.

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