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Spawn: Endgame

Witness the demise of Al Simmons and follow the chain of events that are set in motion in the wake of his death. SPAWN: ENDGAME features the return of award-winning Spawn creator, TODD McFARLANE, to his flagship title. Joining him is the all-star team of artist WHILCE PORTACIO (WetWorks, Batman Confidential) and writer BRIAN HOLGUIN (SPAWN: GODSLAYER), with guest artists GREG CAPULLO (SPAWN, THE CREECH) and ROB LIEFELD (YOUNGBLOOD). This volume collects the entire 12 issues of the sold out, monumental SPAWN: ENDGAME story arc. This milestone in the Spawn saga re-imagines the classic character as only Spawn creator TODD McFARLANE can. Collects SPAWN #185-196

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April 1, 2015