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A twisted far-future epic! An aging hero risks everything to rebuild his former team – but to do so, he must cross a line with his wife that can’t be uncrossed. "With EGOs, Stuart Moore's thoughtful writing style really comes into its own. Very highly recommended." -GARTH ENNIS (Preacher, Fury MAX) "EGOs sets up house at the junction of superhero stories and big-ideas sci-fi — then trashes the junction and builds its own huge, insane theme park." -MIKE CAREY (Lucifer, The Unwritten)

Creators: Stuart Moore, Gus Storms

Latest Releases

EGOs #5

February 4, 2015

Beginning “CRUNCHED,” the EGOs’ biggest storyline yet! The narcissistic super-team of the future returns to battle an invisible threat to the galactic economy. Featuring the erratic Prisoner Seven; The Commander, aged hero of the Crunch War; and a few cruel twists. “An epic sci-fi tale with action, sincerity and humor.” -All-Comic

EGOs #4

April 30, 2014

STANDALONE ISSUE! Three rookie EGOs members go on an unauthorized adventure through time and space. Plus: marital strife! Quantum physics! Inadvisable sex! And the origin of the Universe (maybe)!

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EGOs #6

March 4, 2015