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American Flagg: Definitive Collection

At last: AMERICAN FLAGG! -- created, written and illustrated by HOWARD CHAYKIN and winner of numerous awards and honors, including nine Eagle Awards -- available for the first time as a deluxe hardcover collecting the series' first groundbreaking story arc! Plus! Additional cover paintings, sketches and promotional pieces by CHAYKIN, a MICHAEL CHABON introduction, an afterword by JIM LEE, and as a special bonus - a brand-new AMERICAN FLAGG! story written and illustrated by HOWARD CHAYKIN exclusively for this edition! Collects AMERICAN FLAGG! #1-14

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America’s Got Powers #5 (of 6)

America’s Got Powers #5 (of 6)

February 13, 2013

After the Event that created a whole generation of super-powered kids, Tommy Watts has finally discovered what his gift was: The ability to give super powers to others. Now, as the government's enhanced soldiers battle the outcast super-teens, Tommy can't decide which side to fight for!

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