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The Humans, Vol. 1

Writer: Keenan Marshall Keller
Artist: Tom Neely
Colors: Kristina Collantes
Published: March 11, 2015
Diamond ID: JAN150630
Age Rating: T

The HUMANS Volume 1: HUMANS FOR LIFE collects the highly acclaimed first 4 issues of IMAGE Comics runaway hit series, as well as the highly collectible, long-out-of-print, self published #0 issue. Within this volume, you'll meet The HUMANS as they mourn the loss of a fallen brother only to have Johnny, a long-thought-dead member, return to the fold!! Johnny struggles to find himself now that he is back home as he fights the flashbacks from the jungles of Vietnam. Meanwhile the gang is cooking up a new drug called SPAZM  and a scheme to drop on the market. It all culminates at Abe’s compound with a Skin-fight (like cock-fighting but with Homo Sapiens slaves), and the Humans team up with The Mad Fückers to organize a massive drug-run to Los Angeles. Ride with us for a far-out trip full of gang rumbles, skin-fights, loads of psychedelic drugs, bad-ass biker apes, hot biker mamas, and awesome choppers in the endless party that is the life of The HUMANS as they fight, f**k, and fly down the road to oblivion!

Join our crew! Ride with The HUMANS today!!!

Digital : $7.99
Print: $9.99

Collected Editions

The Humans, Vol. 2: Humans Till Deth TP

Published: March 16, 2016

Print: $15.99

Digital: $12.99

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The Humans #10

Published: December 2, 2015

Print: $2.99

Digital: $1.99

The Humans #9

Published: November 4, 2015

Print: $2.99

Digital: $1.99

The Humans #8

Published: October 7, 2015

Print: $2.99

Digital: $1.99

The Humans #7

Published: August 5, 2015

Print: $2.99

Digital: $1.99

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