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The Fuse, Vol. 4: Constant Orbital Revolutions TP

RALPH’S MYSTERY SOLVED—AT LAST?! Retirement beckons for Midway’s oldest, crankiest Homicide detective! But before Klem can hang up her space boots, there’s one final case to solve—and it will hit closer to home for her secretive young partner Ralph than he’d like, when what begins as a simple murder case soon entangles the detectives in a deadly terror plot! Ralph’s secret mission is about to explode…and no one will escape unscathed! Collects THE FUSE #19-24.

Collected Editions


The Fuse #24 The Fuse #24 Dec 14, 2016
The Fuse #23 The Fuse #23 Nov 9, 2016
The Fuse #22 The Fuse #22 Oct 12, 2016
The Fuse #21 The Fuse #21 Sep 7, 2016
The Fuse #20 The Fuse #20 Aug 3, 2016
The Fuse #19 The Fuse #19 Jul 6, 2016