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The Darkness Accursed, Vol. 6 TP
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The Darkness Accursed, Vol. 6 TP

Writer: Phil Hester
Artist: Sheldon Mitchell
Cover: Michael Broussard
Published: January 11, 2012
Diamond ID: NOV110387
Age Rating: M


In one of the most explosive THE DARKNESS arcs yet, longtime writer PHIL HESTER (WONDER WOMAN, GODZILLA) and artist SHELDON MITCHELL (PILOT SEASON: STEALTH) push Jackie Estacado, current bearer of the Darkness, to the brink. Having defeated his enemy, The Sovereign, Estacado had hoped to settle into a quiet, peaceful life in Chicago. But a series of attempts on his life, set him on a path that reunites him with old friends, allies and enemies. However, Jackie soon finds that the most dangerous enemies don’t come from outside, but rather, from within…

Collects THE DARKNESS #90-#95

Digital : $19.99
Print: $19.99