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Spawn: Origins, Vol. 19 TP

Story By: Todd McFarlane
Story By: Brian Holguin
Art By: Angel Medina
Art By: Danny Miki
Cover By: Clayton Crain
Published: September 25, 2013
Diamond ID: JUL130469

In 1992, legendary writer and artist Todd McFarlane unleashed his iconic antihero, Spawn, on the world. In so doing, he launched the most successful independent comic book in history – and the world would never be the same.


Spawn: Origins Volume 19 trade paperback features the stories and artwork that helped cement the Spawn legacy. Relive the excitement of this groundbreaking series—collected in this accessibly priced format with exclusive bonus content, including cover galleries, b/w art, classic quotes from Todd McFarlane and an exclusive digitally painted cover by Clayton Crain.


Collects SPAWN #111-116.

Barnes & Noble
Indie Bound
Digital : $14.99

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Spawn Origins, Vol. 20

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Spawn Origins, Vol. 19

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