Sidekick Vol. 2 TP

For years, Barry Chase aka Flyboy was the faithful sidekick of the Red Cowl...until the day the Cowl was apparently murdered, sending Barry out on his own into a hostile world that ridiculed him and refused to take him seriously. Now the truth is known: the Red Cowl faked his death to ditch Flyboy...ruining his life...and now it's time for payback as our story reaches its dark and dangerous conclusion. Will Flyboy go through with his plans to murder the Red Cowl for real this time? And what dark secret does Barry carry from his past? Find out in volume two of Sidekick.

Collected Editions


Sidekick #12 Sidekick #12 Dec 23, 2015
Sidekick #11 Sidekick #11 Jul 22, 2015
Sidekick #10 Sidekick #10 Mar 11, 2015
Sidekick #9 Sidekick #9 Nov 26, 2014
Sidekick #8 Sidekick #8 Sep 3, 2014
Sidekick #7 Sidekick #7 Jul 2, 2014