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She Wolf, Vol. 1 TP

A surreal exploration in horror, SHE WOLF follows a teenage girl who believes she's been bitten by a savage werewolf. Soon after she begins to experience feverish nightmares that seamlessly bleed into her everyday reality. Friends and family help to unlock the keys to her strange transformations through their own personal experiences with lycanthropy and by use of witchcraft. Collects issues #1-4.



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Collected Editions


She Wolf #8 She Wolf #8 Apr 19, 2017
She Wolf #7 She Wolf #7 Mar 22, 2017
She Wolf #6 She Wolf #6 Feb 22, 2017
She Wolf #5 She Wolf #5 Jan 25, 2017
She Wolf #4 She Wolf #4 Sep 21, 2016
She Wolf #3 She Wolf #3 Aug 24, 2016