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Pix, Vol. 1: One Weirdest Weekend TP

Writer / Artist / Cover: Gregg Schigiel
Published: February 22, 2017
Diamond ID: DEC160764
Age Rating: T+

NOW FROM IMAGE COMICS! Make way for Pix, the teen superhero who believes herself a fairy (and princess, no less). In her first original graphic novel, behold: attacking electronics, secret crushes, a magic 8-ball monster, cell service issues, a dragon war, a bad date, worried moms, a furtive frog, a malevolent monkey, all making for ONE WEIRDEST WEEKEND! Thrilling, energetic superhero action! Lively, funny teen dynamics! If Spider-Man were a Disney princess, you’d have Pix!

Digital : $9.99
Print: $12.99

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Pix, Vol. 2: Too Super For School Tp

Published: May 3, 2017

Print: $12.99

Digital: $9.99

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