Leviathan, Vol. 1 TP

Series: Leviathan

Poor ol’ Ryan DeLuca didn’t buy enough beer for his party. While he was out on a beer run, his idiot buddies busted out some mystical arcana and performed a demonic summoning ceremony. And this ceremony didn’t just unleash a giant monster from hell—it also set off a domino effect of destruction, chaos, and madness, unleashing dinosaurs and demons, scientific perversions and unholy abominations, radioactive mutants and giant mechs. Buckle up! Join JOHN LAYMAN, multiple Eisner-winning co-creator of CHEW, and NICK PITARRA, Eisner-nominated co-creator of THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS, along with colorist MICHAEL GARLAND (THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS), for an eye-popping, face-melting, reality-defying nonstop rush of pure comic book action! Collects LEVIATHAN #1-5

Collected Editions


Leviathan #5 Leviathan #5 Jan 16, 2019
Leviathan #4 Leviathan #4 Dec 19, 2018
Leviathan #3 Leviathan #3 Oct 31, 2018
Leviathan #2 Leviathan #2 Sep 5, 2018
Leviathan #1 Leviathan #1 Aug 1, 2018