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I Love Trouble #4
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I Love Trouble #4

Writer: Kel Symons
Artist: Mark A. Robinson
Published: March 6, 2013
Diamond ID: JAN130593
Age Rating: E

"OWE MY SOUL TO THE COMPANY STORE" Felicia hones her little teleportation trick, and picks up a few new ones, while training with Mars to become a cold-blooded assassin. At least, that's what they expect her to be. But Felicia learns that while it might be no trouble for her to get next to her target, pulling the trigger isn't as easy. And living with her conscience afterwards is even tougher.

Digital : $2.99

Collected Editions

I Love Trouble TP

Published: January 15, 2014

Print: $16.99

Digital: $16.99

Barnes & Noble
Indie Bound
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