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Head Lopper, Vol. 1: The Island Or A Plague Of Beasts TP

Story / Art / Cover: Andrew MacLean
Published: October 5, 2016
Diamond ID: JUL160804

The Head Lopper, Norgal, and the nagging severed head of Agatha Blue Witch arrive on the Isle of Barra to find it overrun with beasts: minions of the Sorcerer of the Black Bog. When Queen Abigail hires Norgal and Agatha to slay the Sorcerer, our heroes trek across the island reliving the horrors of their heads—and playing right into the hands of a master manipulator. Collects HEAD LOPPER #1-4.

Digital : $15.99
Print: $19.99


Head Lopper #5

Published: March 15, 2017

Print: $5.99

Digital: $5.99

Head Lopper #4

Published: June 8, 2016

Print: $5.99

Digital: $2.99

Head Lopper #3

Published: March 9, 2016

Print: $5.99

Digital: $2.99

Head Lopper 2: Into The Silent Wood

Published: December 9, 2015

Print: $5.99

Digital: $2.99

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