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Harvest HC
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Harvest HC

Writer: AJ Lieberman
Artist: Colin Lorimer
Published: April 17, 2013
Diamond ID: FEB130421
Age Rating: T

Livers, kidneys and rogue medical teams, oh my! Welcome to Dr. Benjamin Dane's nightmare. His only way out? Bring down the man who set him up for murder by reclaiming organs already placed in some very powerful people. The only people Dane can count on are an ex-Yakuza assassin and six year-old drug fiend. If Dexter, ER & 100 Bullets had a three-way and that mind blowing tryst somehow resulted in a kid, that kid would read HARVEST. Collects HARVEST #1-5, plus extras and an amazing FOLD-OUT featuring all five covers!
Digital : $19.99


Harvest #4 (of 5)

Published: November 7, 2012

Digital: $3.50

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