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Ghosted, Vol. 1 TP

Ghosted, Vol. 1 TP

Story By:
Art By: Goran Sudzuka
Art By: Miroslav Mrva
Published: December 4, 2013
Diamond ID: OCT130488

Jackson T. Winters is one of the greatest criminal masterminds to ever live…except he’s rotting in jail after his last doomed score. But when a filthy rich collector breaks Winters out, he’s tasked to put together an elite team of paranormal experts to do the impossible: steal a ghost from a haunted house of horrors!

Skybound’s horror/crime mash-up is equal parts Ocean’s 11 and The Shining, by writer JOSHUA WILLIAMSON (MASKS AND MOBSTERS, Captain Midnight) and artist GORAN SUDZUKA (OUTLAW NATION, Y: The Last Man)!

Collects GHOSTED #1-5

Digital : $9.99
Print: $9.99

Collected Editions

Ghosted, Vol. 4: Ghost Town TP

Published: June 17, 2015

Print: $12.99

Digital: $12.99

Ghosted, Vol. 3 TP

Published: December 10, 2014

Print: $12.99

Digital: $12.99

Ghosted, Vol. 2 TP

Published: June 11, 2014

Print: $12.99

Digital: $12.99

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