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Criminal, Vol. 6: The Last Of The Innocent TP

Story: Ed Brubaker
Art / Cover: Sean Phillips
Published: July 1, 2015
Diamond ID: MAY150468
Age Rating: T

WINNER OF THE EISNER AWARD FOR BEST LIMITED SERIES! BRUBAKER and PHILLIPS's gorgeous new CRIMINAL editions finally gets to the most critically-acclaimed and innovative piece of pulp fiction they've ever done. It's "like Watchmen for the Archie set" as CRIMINAL reaches new heights.

Digital : $5.99
Print: $14.99

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Criminal, Vol. 5: The Sinners TP

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Criminal, Vol. 4: Bad Night TP

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Criminal, Vol. 3: The Dead And The Dying TP

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Criminal 10th Anniversary Special Edition

Published: April 20, 2016

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Digital: $1.99

Criminal Special Edition (One-Shot)

Published: February 25, 2015

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Digital: $0.99

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