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Creator Owned Heroes #4

Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Steve Niles
Artist: Kevin Mellon, Phil Noto
Published: September 5, 2012
Diamond ID: JUL120490
Age Rating: E

"TRIGGERGIRL 6," Part Four by JIMMY PALMIOTTI, JUSTIN GRAY & PHIL NOTO The whopping final chapter in this sci-fi thriller, Triggergirl 6 has discovered who created her and why, and the President of the United States finally understands his place in the world in ways he never expected. "AMERICAN MUSCLE," Part Four by STEVE NILES & KEVIN MELLON Chloe and Gil have reached the end of the road. Now faced with an impossible choice the team must escape Mutant America and attempt to find civilization or die trying. PLUS! An interview with superstar artist and trickster creator, SCOTT MORSE, a KEVIN MELLON art gallery, con photos, and original articles all celebrating the creator owned spirit!
Digital : $3.99