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Cannibal #1

A BRAND NEW SERIES! From New York Times bestselling writer BRIAN BUCCELLATO & JENNIFER YOUNG, CANNIBAL is about the denizens of a small Everglades town desperately trying to hold onto their everyday lives at the dawn of a cannibal pandemic. With no cure in sight, the region has become split over what to do with the victims, though for Cash and Grady Hansen the answer is simple: Kill them. But all of that changes when the virus begins to infect people they love.

Collected Editions


Cannibal #8 Cannibal #8 Oct 4, 2017
Cannibal #7 Cannibal #7 Jul 26, 2017
Cannibal #6 Cannibal #6 Jun 7, 2017
Cannibal #5 Cannibal #5 May 10, 2017
Cannibal #4 Cannibal #4 Jan 4, 2017
Cannibal #3 Cannibal #3 Dec 7, 2016