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Bomb Queen Deluxe, Vol. 2 HC

By: Jimmie Robinson
Published: May 8, 2013
Diamond ID: FEB130412
Age Rating: T+

Collectors of the BOMB QUEEN villain series will love this re-mastered, re-edited, oversized, hardcover edition featuring the heroines of Shadowline and a rare guest appearance of She-Spawn. Don't miss this director's cut collection with extra bonus material from the insane mind of JIMMIE ROBINSON. Collects the BOMB QUEEN III and BOMB QUEEN IV miniseries in their entirety.

Digital : $19.99
Print: $24.99

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Bomb Queen Deluxe Edition, Vol. 4 HC

Published: November 13, 2013

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Bomb Queen Deluxe, Vol. 3 HC

Published: September 18, 2013

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Bomb Queen, Vol. 1 Deluxe Edition

Published: March 20, 2013

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