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Black Cloud, Vol. 1: No Exit Tp

Story: Jason Latour, Ivan Brandon
Art / Cover: Greg Hinkle, Matt Wilson
Published: October 11, 2017
Diamond ID: JUL170732

Zelda's about to start a war of dreams. In the days when story and reality were one, the old blood—people with the power to shape stories—built a new world to escape the future we all came to live in. Generations later, Zelda rejects the old blood's dreams and escapes into our world to run from destiny. But destiny has a nasty way of catching up to you. From the creators of Spider-Gwen, SOUTHERN BASTARDS, DRIFTER, and AIRBOY, comes a new fantasy where heroes are hard to find. Collects BLACK CLOUD #1-5

Digital : $7.99
Print: $9.99


Black Cloud #8

Published: February 21, 2018

Print: $3.99

Digital: $3.99

Black Cloud #7

Published: January 24, 2018

Print: $3.99

Digital: $3.99

Black Cloud #6

Published: December 6, 2017

Print: $3.99

Digital: $3.99

Black Cloud #5

Published: August 16, 2017

Print: $3.99

Digital: $1.99

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