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Battlepug #1 Look Inside

Battlepug #1

The hit fan-favorite webcomic created by the Eisner Award-winning duo of MIKE NORTON and ALLEN PASSALAQUA is now a NEW COMIC SERIES! It’s been a few years since the last Kinmundian saved the world with the help of his faithful Battlepug, but a new threat arises. The epic tale returns as our favorite barbarian and his trusty overgrown dog renew their quest for insane adventure! Same dog. NEW TRICKS!

Collected Editions


Battlepug #4 Battlepug #4 Dec 11, 2019
Battlepug #3 Battlepug #3 Nov 13, 2019
Battlepug #2 Battlepug #2 Oct 9, 2019
Battlepug #1 Battlepug #1 Sep 4, 2019