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Angelic, Vol. 1: Heirs And Graces TP

Centuries after humanity disappeared, the Earth belongs to our leftovers: the animals, genetically modified for a war they don't remember, guarding a world they don't understand. But for one young winged monkey, the repressive tribal routines are unbearable. Her name is QORA. She yearns to explore, to fly free. Eisner nominee SIMON SPURRIER (CRY HAVOC, The Spire, X-Men Legacy) and star artist CASPAR WIJNGAARD (LIMBO, Dark Souls, Assassin's Creed) unite for an all-ages-friendly fable about teenage rebellion and animal antics amidst the ruins of civilization. Collects ANGELIC #1-6

Collected Editions


Angelic #6 cover Angelic #6 Feb 14, 2018
Angelic #5 cover Angelic #5 Jan 17, 2018
Angelic #4 cover Angelic #4 Dec 20, 2017
Angelic #3 cover Angelic #3 Nov 22, 2017
Angelic #2 cover Angelic #2 Oct 25, 2017
Angelic #1 cover Angelic #1 Sep 20, 2017