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‘68: Jungle Jim #1

Story: Mark Kidwell
Art: Jeff Zornow, Jay Fotos
Published: April 3, 2013
Diamond ID: FEB130386
Age Rating: M

Vietnam, 1968: Behind enemy lines, Private Brian Curliss is alone. The enemy caged him, the dead want to devour him and the voices in his head are driving him to madness. A madness that emerges in the form of an unstoppable killing machine wrapped in burlap and bamboo... Curliss is a one-man-army, sworn to wade through a wet red jungle gone straight to hell in search of a ghost named Jungle Jim. To the Viet Cong, he's a nightmare. To POWs trapped in enemy hands, he's salvation. To the legions of shambling, hungry dead...He's the Grim Reaper in a gas mask. MeatGrinder Studios and Image Comics return to the grim world of '68 with an all-new, four-issue series continuing the story of Jungle Jim. The brutal sequel to the original one-shot, Jungle Jim #1 fleshes out the new dark star of the Vietnam/Zombie apocalypse. Scripted by Mark Kidwell with savage artwork by Jeff Zornow and Jay Fotos. Covers by Jeff Zornow, Nat Jones and Jay Fotos.

Digital : $1.99
Print: $2.99

Collected Editions

68, Vol. 6: Last Rites TP

Published: January 25, 2017

Print: $19.99

Digital: $15.99

’68, Vol. 4: Rule Of War TP

Published: January 28, 2015

Print: $19.99

Barnes & Noble
Indie Bound

‘68: Rule Of War #3

Published: June 4, 2014

Print: $3.99

Digital: $1.99

‘68, Vol. 3: Jungle Jim TP

Published: October 16, 2013

Digital: $19.99

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68: Last Rites #2

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68: Last Rites #1

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