Creators: Marc Silvestri, Sumeyye Kesgin

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Rise Of The Magi #2

July 9, 2014

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After a terrifying escape from the Magic world into ours, Asa finds that not even two realities are big enough to hide in. Armed with a terrible secret meant to destroy both his world and this strange place called Earth, Asa Stonethrow must seek help from his realms most feared criminals. His only hope is an enchanted frog and a street-smart, opportunistic petty thief and con artist named April Mae June.

Rise of the Magi #1

June 4, 2014

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A small black sphere contains all the magic that exists past, present, and future. Without it, two worlds would not survive. The sphere has been protected for centuries by a spell that was believed unbreakable. Asa Stonethrow, a common man in the world of magic, discovers the spell has been breached and a small chip of the black sphere has been stolen!

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Rise Of The Magi #3

August 13, 2014