Larime Taylor

Creator Larime Taylor grew up on the deadpan humor of eighties cult classic Heathers, the quirky absurdism of Edward Scissorhands, and far too many bad slasher flicks. Mixing tongue-in-cheek black comedy with gritty drama and suspense, his resulting creation proudly wears its influences on its sleeve. He writes, draws, tones, and letters the book himself with his mouth. It debuts in November 2013 in fine comic shops everywhere, from Top Cow/Image. Larime Taylor is a disabled mouth artist born with Arthrogryposis and lives in California. Life on $750 a month from Social Security isn’t easy, so he supplements his income with his art. Larime draws with his mouth on a Wacom Cintiq tablet generously provided by Wacom.

Latest Releases

A Voice in the Dark #7

May 21, 2014

“KILLING GAME,” Part Five It’s all been building to this. Zoey’s on the verge of killing again—her second and third victims—but even the perfect crime can go awry.

A Voice in the Dark #6

April 16, 2014

"KILLING GAME," Part Four With Zoey plotting murder once again, she needs to get close to her prey and learn all she can. That means going undercover to the Sorority Halloween party. But is Zoey the only killer in costume?

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