OUTCAST BY KIRKMAN & AZACETA drives masses into stores

Posted on August 29, 2014

Issue #3 of hottest new horror series on the market sells out immediately, goes into 2nd printing to meet customer demand

MASTERPLASTY—Take a peek at early preview pages

Posted on August 29, 2014

The cult online comic will be in print this October

FIVE GHOSTS’ new horizons

Posted on August 28, 2014

LOW keeps climbing

Posted on August 28, 2014

Issue #2 of Remender and Tocchini’s hot sci-fi series sells-out, breathtaking artwork for issue #3 revealed

ROCHE LIMIT explores the grim future for mankind

Posted on August 28, 2014

​Early preview pages of the gritty new sci-fi series released

ODDLY NORMAL—What if one wish turned into your worst nightmare?

Posted on August 25, 2014

An all-new fantasy adventure begins with the snuff of a birthday candle

Summer break’s over, get back to DEADLY CLASS

Posted on August 25, 2014

Early artwork for the new story arc revealed

THE WICKED + THE DIVINE will feature variant cover by Kevin Wada

Posted on August 22, 2014

Issue #4 hits stores in September

THE FADE OUT comes into focus

Posted on August 21, 2014

The most anticipated series of the year sells out immediately

Crime and Glitz Go Hand-in-Hand in BLUE ESTATE

Posted on August 20, 2014

The entirety of BLUE ESTATE, the sharply satirical crime Image Comics series created by Viktor Kalvachev and Kosta Yanev, is now being collected into a deluxe oversized hardcover edition in September. As dueling crime families battle in the glitziest and grittiest parts of Los Angeles, Rachel Maddox tries to disentangle her life from her abusive action-hero husband in this Eisner Award-nominated tale of desperate starlets, suspiciously macho actors, bungling mobsters, and hapless private dicks.

Image Comics Solicitations for November 2014

Posted on August 19, 2014

Image Comics is proud to present the comics releases for October, 2014


Posted on August 19, 2014

The first issue of Robert Kirkman’s hot new series sells out immediately, rushed to 4th printing

SPREAD keeps growing, new artwork revealed

Posted on August 18, 2014

Preview of the hit sci-fi series released

PENNY DORA & THE WISHING BOX opens up an all-ages adventure

Posted on August 18, 2014

An all-new fantasy adventure arrives wrapped in a mysterious box

THE FUSE—new story arc sparks new adventure

Posted on August 14, 2014

Issue #7 will begin with a bang

UNDERTOW Breaks the Surface of Revolution

Posted on August 14, 2014

The Atlantean dream is over. Atlantis’ once-shining society has deteriorated into dissolute plutocracy. The only escape, for some of its citizens who want freedom from its constricts, is in the unknown frontier on the surface of the ocean. In the September graphic novel UNDERTOW by Steve Orlando and Artyom Trakhanov, the rebel Redum Anshargal leads a crew of Atlantean defectors toward an uncertain future.

INTERSECT is both beautiful and grotesque

Posted on August 14, 2014

Ray Fawkes will cast a pall over November with this dark new series

THE HUMANS—Rev your engines

Posted on August 13, 2014

This is one ape biker gang readers will go bananas for

An abandoned and lawless town emerges in DRIFTER

Posted on August 12, 2014

The new series Ivan Brandon and Nic Klein announced at Image Expo

A World of Adventure in THE MERCENARY SEA

Posted on August 12, 2014

1938, the South Seas: Japan has invaded China. War in Europe is imminent. And, in THE MERCENARY SEA, a new Image Comics graphic novel by Kel Symons and Mathew Reynolds, ex-bootlegger Jack Harper captains the Venture, a refitted German U-Boat, with a crew of expats, mercenaries, and treasure hunters. In the September release, this rag-tag group of ruffians and renegades will do whatever it takes to stay afloat, often running up against pirates, headhunters, spies, and soldiers.

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