Spawn Origins

SPAWN: ORIGINS DELUXE EDITION, VOL. 2 features the iconic artwork and stories of Spawn creator TODD McFARLANE and his collaborators. This deluxe oversized, slip cased hardcover book presents 25 previously released and sold-out issues of classic Spawn stories in an all-new size and format. Additional material includes color and black and white cover galleries, never-before-seen art, and all of the bonus material from the six-issue trade paperbacks as well! Collects SPAWN #26-50.

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Spawn #227

January 30, 2013

‚Äč“DE-PROGRAMMED,” Part Three: “The Life and Death of Jason Wynn” - Conclusion

Since his sudden awakening from a mysterious coma in the pages of SPAWN 185, Jim Downing, the world’s newest Hellspawn, has been searching for his past. At every turn answers were given in the form of more questions, but his time spent looking back has come to an end.

As Jason Wynn weaves his final tale, the great manipulator will set Spawn up for something they both long for - freeing Jim of the burden of his human past, and unwittingly paving the way for a threat far greater than any imagined.


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